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DGG Heating and Air Conditioning

"The Good HVAC Man"

*Serving the Entire Bay Area*

Give us a call:

Office (925) 684-2716 or

Cell (510) 229-8183


Helping to Maintain an Efficient Heating and Cooling System

  • Keep return air filters clean.‚Äč
  • Inspect return filters every thirty days and on average filters need to be replaced every six months.
  • Inspect crawl space for insulation. (If not, installing insulation will keep heating and cooling cost down.)
  • Programmable thermostat installed. (proper programmable thermostat, used properly can reduce annual energy bill from 5% to 15%)
  • Maintenance Contracts (preventative maintenance yearly contract, to prevent a minor problem from becoming a major emergency call)
  • Set Thermostat at desired temperature ( takes less energy to cool home, 3 degrees or 4 degrees than it does to cool at 8 degrees or 10 degrees)
  • Keep outdoor unit clean ( keep grass and debris away from outdoor unit; this will keep condenser coil clean). Clogged condenser coil problems are sure to occur if unit is not maintained.